Saturday, May 29, 2010

Celebration of father's and mother's day @Batu Pahat

In conjunction with the Mum's day and Father's day, our family decided to held a big family gathering in Futuna Restaurant where my mother's siblings were all involved in this gathering dinner. My father had booked 3 tables to deal with the numbers of 33 and this can be consider quite a big family gang.

No doubt, during this dinner the most happier person would goes to my beloved grandmother and grandfather. As they were so happy for able to gather with us as they are having a long time din't get to see us. In addition, all the family members were present in this gathering. Below are the photo taken for all the cuisine from Furtuna Restaurant.

For the comments of the cuisine, I personally prefer for the roasted pork leg as it is flavorful and tasty. Others cuisine also quite nice and i am happy for able to have our dinner in such lovely atmosphere.

Friday, May 28, 2010


或许 还得看谁道行比较高深
现在 一切还言之过早

等待 人心曝露


要经过 一些事才会成长
学会 不那么在乎 也学会什么该在乎
学会 不那么在意 也学会什么该在意

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kinyubi@Batu Pahat

Girl outing again.... This afternoon, we continue to shop around in BP. But for this time, we focus on boutique shop in Bk. Pasir.After that, we went to Kinyubi to have some desserts.

We ordered Mo Mo Cha Cha because XH loves it recently. So far the taste is just normal and nothing much to comment.

We saw other customers there order this. And it looks attractive and special.
~Sepicial Fried Chive Cake葱油饼

I tried Fried Chive Cake before at Pasar Malam of Taman Connaught, Cheras. But this Fried Chive Cake really different with that.There are layers of eggs,salad and pork floss.

I spend my weekend outing , outing , outing.. I will back KL tomorrow morning. Time to continue with my hectic life..But I will back home soon! On thursday! XD

P.S. Kinyubi is located at the same row of  Station One of BP / Beside La View.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


很用心在写我的 Assignment Blog
才发现我对这里 一直不够用心
对自己感到 愧疚~

P.S. 最近 把重心放在Assignment Blog里…… 应该会冷落这里,然后转帖过来。

Family Dinner@Batu Pahat

Today is my bro - Shun's birthday. Therefore, my mum suggest to have our celebration dinner outside. Due to my family is more prefer to have some chinese based cuisine, hence we decided to go to a quite famous Chinese restaurant which is always flooded by customer. The restaurant name is Jia Wee Eating House.

  • Meat RM15.00
  • Bean Curd RM9.00
  • Fish RM36.00
  • Vegetable RM8.00
  • Prawn RM13.00
  • Chysanthemum RM6.00
  • Rice X 5 RM4.50
Refer to the price above, so far the price for the cuisine is consider quite reasonable. For the taste, I personally like the fish as it is very fresh and juicy. In addition, the Meat (rib) is also quite nice as it is very fragrance with the shop special recipe sauce. For the family of 5, the cuisine we have order is more than enough as we are having difficulties to finish all the cuisine.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

[Shopaholic] The Face Shop

It had been two months since my last shopping. Today, I went to shopping with my best friend-XH. Basically it was typically girl outing but in fact, girl outing means shopping. XD

Our main target today are sandals and some clothes. When we passed by THE FACE SHOP, I was attracted by the Anniversary Sales.

The bigger paper bag is XH's. Mine is the one smaller.

During Anniversary Sales, discount of the products are up to 40%. Promotion is an attractive marketing skill. XD

  • Quick & Clean Fist Aid Gel - RM29.90 [30% OFF]
  • Herb Day Cleansing Foam - RM29.90 [30% OFF]
  • Illuminating Cushion Blusher - RM29.90 [40% OFF]
  • Home Aesthetic Fresh Cucumber Pack - RM39.90 [20% OFF]
  • Quick & Clean Sebum Control Toner -RM39.90 [30% OFF]

Don't shock by the picture below. Those was NOT mine.. XH's.. She win!

Shopping is the great way to release our tension in our hectic life. Spending money feels good at that moments but pain after that. Haha..

Happy to be with U, XH... Muakz... Hope U can buy anythg U want when U go Malacca on Monday.. ♥

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 Nyonya asam laksa and baba laksa 

 cendol 和 ice kacang..


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